Are Tilapia Bottom Feeders or Algae Eating Fish? Help Answering this Question

Topic: I need to know if Tilapia fish are considered bottom dwellers or feeders. It seems like if you watch them, they only eat from the bottom and you would have to think that they are eating poop and such from other animals. I know that people eat Tilapia all over the world and it is a cheap fish but are they a bottom fish feeder? I am in an argument with my friend on this this. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Ricky P.
Tilapia are not bottom dwellers what so ever. They are part of the Cichlid fish species and only sift through the bottom of the surface looking for vegetation to eat. If you think they are bottom feeders.. then you are wrong. A bottom feeder or also known as a bottom dweller only sits and lives around the bottom of the water. Tilapia fish swim all around the surface and will even eat things from the surface and other spots than the bottom.

Posted by Tony M.
You just said yourself though Ricky “they eat from the bottom.” Doesn’t that make them a bottom feeder if you look at what your saying.. I don’t know anything about Tilapia but I do know what the phrase bottom feeder means because it must mean that a fish that feeds from the bottom of the water. I don’t know maybe I’m totally off. I shouldn’t even of said anything haha.

Posted by Bob Y.
The Tilapia fish is part of the Cichlid fish family just like Ricky stated and there is no part of it that is a bottom dweller. The terms bottom feeder and bottom dweller are two terms that mean the same thing more or less in the fish community. If you don’t know anything about the fish community than maybe you shouldn’t answer peoples questions Tony. You have only added more suspicion of this topic being open ended.

Posted by Leroy B.
They are probably arguing about it regarding how gross it is to eat the fish because it eats poop from the bottom. It’s a very common thing to argue about and only people that are not aware of it not eating poop but instead vegetation in the substrate only argue about this. I am sure that the fish is fine to eat and another common topic is that the fish is high in mercury because it eats at the bottom and has a lot of “earth” inside of the fish. Again.. no true.

Updated: December 23, 2013 — 5:46 am

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